Floating radio Floating cloud An illustration for 'JavaZone by JavaBin,' inspired by the 1920s Steamboat Willie theme. It features whimsical representations of technology, including small figures of USB sticks, floppy disks, and punch hole cards, among other vintage and modern tech elements. The design combines a nostalgic black-and-white animation style with technology motifs to celebrate the evolution of computing in a playful manner

Welcome to JavaZone 2024

September 4th-5th 2024 in Oslo Spektrum, Norway

Conference: September 4th-5th

Workshops: September 3rd

Ticket sales starts on March 1st at 10 AM

8 790,- + 120,- fee (ex MVA)

Late Bird from May 1st 9 590,- + 120,- fee (ex MVA)

Registered partners will also be able to reserve tickets on March 1st